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Formatting a Number Using a Custom Format

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Mới tìm ra đoạn code này chia sẻ cùng các bạn. Các bạn có thể dùng custom fomat để định dạng chuỗi hiển thị hoặc làm tròn số đến từng số thập phân

 A pattern of special characters is used to specify the format of the number. This example demonstrates some of the characters. For a complete listing, see the javadoc documentation for the DecimalFormat class. 

There is no symbol that either displays a digit or a blank if no digit present. Hence, it is not possible to format a number so that it will have a specific width. To achieve a specific width, you must manually pad the formatted number.

// The 0 symbol shows a digit or 0 if no digit present
NumberFormat formatter = new DecimalFormat("000000");
String s = formatter.format(-1234.567);  // -001235
// notice that the number was rounded up

// The # symbol shows a digit or nothing if no digit present
formatter = new DecimalFormat("##");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -1235
s = formatter.format(0);                 // 0
formatter = new DecimalFormat("##00");
s = formatter.format(0);                 // 00

// The . symbol indicates the decimal point
formatter = new DecimalFormat(".00");
s = formatter.format(-.567);             // -.57
formatter = new DecimalFormat("0.00");
s = formatter.format(-.567);             // -0.57
formatter = new DecimalFormat("#.#");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -1234.6
formatter = new DecimalFormat("#.######");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -1234.567
formatter = new DecimalFormat(".######");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -1234.567
formatter = new DecimalFormat("#.000000");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -1234.567000

// The , symbol is used to group numbers
formatter = new DecimalFormat("#,###,###");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -1,235
s = formatter.format(-1234567.890);      // -1,234,568

// The ; symbol is used to specify an alternate pattern for negative values
formatter = new DecimalFormat("#;(#)");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // (1235)

// The ' symbol is used to quote literal symbols
formatter = new DecimalFormat("'#'#");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -#1235
formatter = new DecimalFormat("'abc'#");
s = formatter.format(-1234.567);         // -abc1235



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