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một số tool cần thiết khi học Regular Expression

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  Mình xin giới thiệu một số tool cần thiết khi học Regular Expression:



Ultrapico is excited to announce Expresso 3.0, a major enhancement to the the award winning regular expression development tool. All of the features of Expresso 2.1 are preserved, but with major improvements to the user interface, the Builder and the Analyzer.

We appreciate your help and feedback. Our goal is to make Expresso the best .NET regular expression development tool on the planet.

Here are some of the features:

* Still free of charge!
* Build complex regular expressions by selecting components from a palette
* Test expressions against real or sample input data
* Display all matches in a tree structure, showing captured groups, and all captures within a group
* Build replacement strings and test the match and replace functionality
* Highlight matched text in the input data
* Test automatically for syntax errors
* Generate Visual Basic, C#, or C++ code
* Save and restore data in a project file
* Maintain and expand a library of frequently used regular expressions
* Dramatically enhanced Analyzer
o Analyzes and describes your regular expression in a tree structure
o Updated continuously in a separate thread
o Edit portions of your regular expression by selecting nodes in the Analyzer view
o Immediate feedback on syntax errors
o Highlight portions of your expression for partial matching 
* Rich new Builder and editing features
o Easier to use Builder
o Support for .NET 2.0 features like character class subtraction and new Unicode classes
o Extensive editing capabilities via context menus in both text view and Analyzer view
o Builder can be docked or undocked from the Main Expresso window
o Full Undo/Redo capability 
* Additional New features
o Line by line validation testing
o Test the Regex.Split() method
o Export match results to Excel, XML, etc.
o Carriage return, line feed, and other invisible characters are visible in the search results
o Drag and drop files and text
o Insert arbitrary Unicode characters in sample text or regular expression
o Code generation for the new C++/CLI syntax in addition to the old MC++
o Code generation for Replacement String and templates for Replace(), Split(), Match() and other regex methods
o Turn Tooltips on or off
o Support for very long data files
o Startup tips to guide new users 
* Improvements and additions to the Regex Library
* Improvements to threading to allow reliable interruption of slow expressions.

Download :


If you have written regular expressions before, you know that the regex syntax can be hard to keep track of. Certainly when writing a regex pattern that uses plenty of grouping and alternation.

RegexBuddy's regex building blocks make it much easier to define regular expressions. Instead of typing in regex tokens directly, just pick what you want from a descriptive menu. Use RegexBuddy's neatly organized tree of regex tokens to keep track of the pattern you have built so far. Collapse grouping tokens (with green icons) to get a clear overview of complex regular expressions.

If you are already familiar with the regex syntax, you can edit the regexp directly. RegexBuddy updates its regex tree as you type, and highlights the token that the text cursor points at. That way you can easily keep track of what you are doing, without losing the speed of directly typing in the regex pattern.

When the brief descriptions are not clear enough, just click the Explain Token button to access RegexBuddy's detailed regular expression tutorial. You will find answers to all your questions there. (At least, those questions concerning regular expressions.)

With RegexBuddy you can quickly and easily create and edit regular expressions. Mix manipulating RegexBuddy's building blocks and directly editing the regex pattern to suit your own skill and style. Rely on RegexBuddy as you rely on a buddy or coach to assist you.

Once you created a regular expression, test it on sample data, store it for later reuse, and send it to the application you are working with.


Một số pattern hay dùng :

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Expresso nó tuy hay nhưng ko free, các bạn có thể dùng Free Regular Expression Designer (Radsoftware) được viết bằng C# cũng rất hay và free

Về nguyên tắc, thằng Regular Expression này là ko thể học được vì chỉ cần bạn ko xài một thời gian là sẽ quên sạch. 

Cho nên tốt nhất là có một cuốn ebook + một tool về Regex để sẵn trong máy, khi nào cần thì lấy ra tra.


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